Why choose Accountable Care Systems?


Without ACS


With ACS


A per diem is allocated for the costs of each client’s daily care. Agencies incur a number of expenses for each client related to mandated reporting requirements and regulations.

Expenses are also incurred related to human resources and facility management.

Administrative costs

• office supplies
• printing costs
• document storage costs

Staffing costs

• recording information
• locating information
• analyzing information
• collating information for reporting
• overseeing documentation at each site
• human resources tracking and admin
Using ACS, agencies can significantly reduce costs that are already being expended on a daily basis. Savings and benefits include:

• reduced paper costs
• reduced office supply costs
• reduced document storage costs
• much faster and reliable recording
• easy information retrieval
• in-depth information analysis
• powerful collation of information
• instant monthly and yearly roll-ups
• secure encrypted back ups
• remote oversight of all programs
• greater efficiency and transparency
• higher quality reporting
• more accountability
• automated timelines and reminders
• system notifications
• smoother ministry reviews
• support for multiple devices
• human resources management
• facilities management
• modules for all program operations
• no startup or setup costs
• free training during roll out
• no charge for “dormant” clients